Artlantic Wall – Remember

Being built by the Nazis between 1942 and 1944, the Atlantic Wall is a 5000 km long line of 8119 bunkers along the Atlantic coast, stretching over 6 countries: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France. There has been attempts to remove the bunkers, but the substance is too strong. They remain as an abandoned relict of World War II, influencing the beautiful Atlantic landscape with some brutalist architecture.

Several sociocultural and artistic organisations temporarily occupy and collectively transform this mostly neglected ensemble of war architecture.

Supposed to remind us of the consequences and challenges of migration, separation and discrimination.

Painting the Bunkers with the repetition of the word „Remember“ should create awareness and set a signal to the challenges Europe is facing nowadays again – and hoping that the history don’t has always to repeat itself.
Thank you so much for the invitation and the honor to be part of this exciting project!
I am really looking forward to see in what dimensions it will evolve.
I painted 2 Bunkers: 1 Main and 1 side bunker located in Ørland, Norway.