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Playing and creating with Letterforms in any kind of way.

Jana Federov aka Xuli, is an Hamburg based, in Kasachstan born, freelance artist and art director specialising in lettering, calligraphy, typography, art, events, exhibitions, music, bringing it to the point: culture.

She is also the Co-founder and artdirector of the culture club project Chains Club. An art platform linking up artist worldwide.
Check the Project here: CHAINS CLUB

After finishing her studies of graphic design at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg she began to work as a freelancer and has (co-)founded a few significant art projects in the art world of Hamburg as the artfair P/ART and the Gallery-project WeRunThis.

Her Style is influenced by Graffiti, Streetculture music and her cultural background.

Her typography work takes on a variety of forms, from experimental calligraphic work, illustrated letterforms and digital type to hand-painted murals. Combined with the new forms of digital tools and the possibilities that arise with this, Xuli`s work has her very own significant style that is hard to compare with something else.

If you would like any freelance work done or if you are interested in collaborating, hit me up!