Playing and creating with Letterforms — in any kind of way

Hello visitor!
I am Jana Federov aka Xuli, an Hamburg and part-time Berlin based, in Kasachstan born, freelance artist and art director working in the field of typography, lettering and graphic design.

After my bachelor graphic design degree at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg I worked besides my analogous
projects for a few years in the hamburg based Webdesign agency „No Agency“.
So I can say that I am also at home in the digital and happy to keep the balance between the two worlds.

My analogous typography work takes on a variety of forms. From experimental calligraphic work, custom-made font faces to murals, I am always happy with varied tasks and not afraid to break new ground.
Most of my customers come from the fields of fashion, music industry and food.

As description for my style I would like to take a quote from an article/Interview about my work:
„Xuli`s work has her very own significant style that is hard to compare with something else“

Read the full Interview Here
My influences come from the street culture, music and different cultural writing systems.

Besides my art and graphic daily bussiness I am also organising and art directing culture-events like concerts, exhibitions and releases. Carina Lüschen and me founded the Chains Club platform linking up artist worldwide in the early 2018 and can till now look back on a very successful path, and there is much more to come!
Check out our project here:
Chains Club

Two further art projects I (co-)founded in the past were the producers artfair P/ART and the Gallery-project WeRunThis.
You’ll find further informations about it in my project-list.

If you would like any freelance work done or are interested in collaborating, hit me up!
Let`s break new grounds!

Yours X